Skyang Kangri

Elevation (feet): 24,754
Elevation (meters): 7,545
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 35.9264
Longitude: 76.5675
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar
Year first climbed: ???
First successful climber(s): It is said it has been climbed by japanes, but no information of it can be obtained. The specialist on this region in China mr Tang says it has been attempted once but the summit was not made, so if any ascent ever took place it must have been from the Pakistanis side
Nearest major airport: Hotan
Convenient Center: Yecheng

Thanks to Jo Heersink for adding this peak.

Skyang Kangri is situated on the China Pakistan border just North east of K2, and is from its north very difficult to reach, involving two days of driving and 6 days of walking in, the last day over the gruelling Dong Qogir glacier. From the South it is somewhat easier to reach by just following the glacier Northwards from Concordia, the normal Base camp site for ascending K2 on the Abruzzi ridge. But judging from the maps an ascent from the South is even more technically difficult as from the North. Anyway, what was long thought to be the main summit is only 7512 meter high and thus actually the lower South Summit. It might very well be, that if there was a Japanese ascent from the South at all that it was the lower South Summit that was ascended. I must however confess that having been to 6470 meter on the mountain from the North, it is hard to believe for me that the South summit is lower than the Northern one: visually one draws the conclusion that it is the other way round. A riddle to be solved!

Thanks to Jo Heersink for this description.