Elevation (feet): 5,525
Elevation (meters): 1,684
Continent: Asia
Country: Iran
Range/Region: Alborz
Latitude: 36.227
Longitude: 53.1633
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Oct, Nov
Nearest major airport: Sari Dasht-e Naz Airport
Convenient Center: Sari

Thanks to Vahid Sepanj for adding this peak.

Acho peak. another name is Valcool. Best route is from Gharoon Sara river near Rajaiee Dam. When you drive from Sari to Dodange, After about 2 kilometers from the Dam Tower, There is a River on your Right side wich will tend to east face of Acho peak. the Route begins from here at 500 meter altitude beside the river. you would trek to 1087 meter altitude where you'd reach to a Canyon with a amall Spring.From here you should ascend a high degree slope toward North to the Ridge on 1263 meter altitude. Then you should turn to West on the ridge and after 3 hours from here you will reach to the peak.Many tall trees are on the peak.

Thanks to Vahid Sepanj for this description.