Elevation (feet): 23,360
Elevation (meters): 7,120
Continent: Asia
Country: India
Range/Region: Garhwal Himalaya
Latitude: 30.3167
Longitude: 79.7833
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1907
First successful climber(s): Tom Longstaff, Brocherel Burathoki, Karbir Burathoki
Nearest major airport: Delhi, India
Convenient Center: Hardwar, India

Trisul is one of the more majestic mountains of the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. India's highest mountain, Nanda Devi (25,645 ft.), is northeast of Trisul, connected by a long narrow crest. Trisul was the first of the Garhwal mountains to be climbed, an ascent which even more importantly marked the world's first ascent of a 7,000 meter peak. In 1976, Trisul became the first 7,000 meter peak to be descended from summit to snowline on skiis. Today it remains the most frequently climbed of India's 7,000 meter peaks. The entire Garhwal region is holy to Hindus, but Trisul's role in Hindu legend is unique. Trisul was said to be the trident of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and reproduction. Early expeditions to the mountain faced difficulties with fearful porters who were reluctant to approach the sacred summit.