Mt. Canlaon

Elevation (feet): 8
Elevation (meters): 2,450
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Latitude: 10.98
Longitude: 123.95
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Mar, Apr
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: August 1996
Year first climbed: It is UNCLEAR as to who the "first climber" made it to the summit.... the earliest attempt on record (valid documentation still under question) is said to have been made by Mr. Nicolas Loney (British) in the year between 1855 - 1856. Other attempts were consequently made thereafter...
First successful climber(s): While many climbers have successfully visited the summit-crater of Mt. Canlaon, a local climbing enthusiast by the name of EDWIN GATIA is credited for the promotion of the mountain for both mountaineering and tourism purposes in the early 1970s...
Nearest major airport: Fly in to the International Airport either in Manila or the City of Cebu, then take a connecting flight to the City of Bacolod.
Convenient Center: Depending on which side of the mountain is to be taken, the Resort area of Mambucal in the village of Minoyan located in the northwestern foot of the volcano, or the City of La Carlota directly below the western flank of the mountain, serve as centers for supplies.

Thanks to EDWIN V. GATIA for adding this peak.

The 5 to 6 hours of continous uphill walk within the lush tropical jungles of the Mt.Canlaon Natural Park ends at the forest line of short, stunted, elfin trees at about 2,200-m below the summit, from where the area is now characterized by the growth of shrubs and sub-alpine grassland.

At 2,465-meters above sea level, the peak of Mt. Canlaon is a summit-crater completely devoid of vegetation, and characterized by volcanic debris from previous eruptions, from whence one can have a view of the inside of the large active crater (300-m, in diameter, more or less)and the rest of the lowlands on a good cloudless sunny day.

The summit area is wide enough to accommodate more than a hundred climbers at any one time.

Thanks to EDWIN V. GATIA for this description.