Washiba Dake

Elevation (feet): 9,593
Elevation (meters): 2,924
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 36.4116
Longitude: 137.591
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Narita International, Kansai International
Convenient Center: Takayama

Thanks to Peter Skov for adding this peak.

Washiba Dake is a rather remote peak by Japanese standards. It is located along the Ura Ginza Line in the North Alps in Gifu Prefecture and has no quick access routes. One can approach it from the Tateyama side to the north or from the Shin Hotaka side to the south; however, either way requires many hours of hiking that amount to a four day trip, three if you travel light, walk fast, leave early in summer and have a lot of stamina. Washiba Dake is located in one of the most interesting areas of the North Alps. Not far away is Yarigatake - the steeple-shaped spearhead that often represents mountaineering in Japan. There are also several other peaks which are Hyaku Meisan - Japan's 100 Famous Mountains, and that includes Washiba itself. The route from Shin Hotaka takes you past Kagami Daira where views of Yarigatake and the Hotakas are reflected in small ponds. Reaching the summit of Washiba is typically steep and sweaty work. An article on the Outdoor Japan web site describes it as a 5 out of 5 for level of difficulty.

Thanks to Peter Skov for this description.