Peak Europa

Elevation (feet): 21,007
Elevation (meters): 6,403
Continent: Asia
Country: Nepal
Range/Region: Central Nepal Himalaya
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Oct, Nov
Year first climbed: 2006
First successful climber(s): Constantin Lacatusu (RO), Frank Meutzner (D), Goetz Wiegand (D)
Nearest major airport: Jomsom, Nepal
Convenient Center: Jomsom

Thanks to Constantin Lacatusu for adding this peak.

The peak lies in central-west part of the Sanddache Himal range, North of Dhaulagiri Range, between Hidden Valley (at the West) and Khali Gandaki (at the East). The peak is the highest in the range, with 6403m, followed by Tashi Kang (2-nd)and Tsartse (3-rd), all above 6,000m. The final ascent from the high glacier in the middle of Sanddache Himal (Mukut Himal)also called higher Tsartse glacier is not a technical climb but usualy in high strong winds which is the main obstacle of the climb. More difficult is to get to the bottom of the final snow/ice east face, from any direction and also the retreat after the ascent could be quite epic because it's long, windy and needs care for orientation, loose rocks or hidden crevasses, doesn't matter of the taken way for ascent/descent.

The first ascent was made by the trio team (2 German, 1 Romanian) in October 2006, in 2 days from base camp in Hidden Valley. One bivouac was needed around 5,000m on the Western face of the mountain, before the trio got back to base camp.

Thanks to Constantin Lacatusu for this description.