Haramosh Peak

Elevation (feet): 24,308
Elevation (meters): 7,409
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 35.840221
Longitude: 74.89749
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1958
First successful climber(s): Austrians and friends
Nearest major airport: gilgit northern areas pakistan
Convenient Center: heramosh

Thanks to rashid ali for adding this peak.

Haramosh Peak is the highest peak in Haramosh. Its height is 7409m. It can easily be seen from Gilgit. It is covered with snow throughout the year. Sassi is located at its base on one side and Kutwal is at another. The Skardu route is passing through Hanuchal and Sassi. The shape of this peak is as like as the shape of alphabet.

Thanks to rashid ali for this description.