Tarak Ridge

Elevation (feet): 4,226
Elevation (meters): 1,288
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Range/Region: Luzon
Latitude: 14.5058
Longitude: 120.492
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Volcanic status: Dormant
Most recent eruption: 2050BC
Nearest major airport: Manila International Airport & Subic Bay International Airport
Convenient Center: Mariveles, Bataan

Thanks to Abet Mina for adding this peak.

Tarak Ridge is the first established destination on the mountain's numerous peak that was part of the crater of this long time dormant volcano. Numerous attempts had been made to conquer other peak within the area as well. The best time of the year to go here is between November to May, or if you feel the rage to a more challenging adventure, you better set to go when it's raining.

The well known jump-off point is situated away from the mountain itself. You needed to register once with the local barangay for clearance and registration purposes. From there you will be able to see the mountain itself from afar. From here on, you'll be passing by farm lands, until you were able to reach a post marked as DENR station. This is the entrance to the forest, but you may opt to choose which trail to follow once you noticed a small dike for irrigation purposes, where a visible 2 set of trails are present. Choosing the left trail will bring you to a not-so-steep slope, ideal for those who don't want to engage on a challenge earlier.

Thanks to Abet Mina for this description.