Elevation (feet): 9,954
Elevation (meters): 3,034
Continent: Asia
Country: Turkey
Range/Region: Pontic Mountains
Latitude: 40.5667
Longitude: 29.15
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
First successful climber(s): TEDAK as a group
Nearest major airport: Trabzon
Convenient Center: Trabzon

Thanks to Erhan Terzi for adding this peak.

This peak has three other 3000 peaks around.

An alpine lake called Çak?rgöl(2564m)is just below the peak.

All year long small part snow near the top, around 2950m atracts who attempt to climb it. I can say it is probably the most western glacier in Turkey.

After reaching the lake, one just walks up to do the peak which has a 360 degree view.

Maçka is the last town to pack things up.

Scree might be a little tiring, that's all.

Thanks to Erhan Terzi for this description.