Mt Khuiten

Elevation (feet): 14,350
Elevation (meters): 4,374
Continent: Asia
Country: Mongolia/China
Latitude: 49.6167
Longitude: 106.35
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1963?
First successful climber(s): Polish Climbers Unknown
Nearest major airport: Ulaan Baatar
Convenient Center: Ulaan Baatar

Thanks to Josh Smith for adding this peak.

This is the highest Peak in Mongolia sitting on the Mongol, Chinese, Russian Border. It is part of the Alati Mountians and the northern Tien Sien. First climbed as far as I can tell by a Polish team in 1963, member unknown. The typical route up the mountain climbs up the Potin Glacier (largest glacier in mongoia)to a camp around 3100 meters and then goes up the North face/ridge to the summit on 30 degree snow and ice. Other routes up the mountain include the South face a 2000+ meter climb up 30-40 degree ice snow. The route we took was the South-East ridge which was a nice 4000 meter ridge which is more difficult then it looked. It included 4th and easy 5th class rock and several sections of 50+ degree ice.

Thanks to Josh Smith for this description.