Leo Pargial

Elevation (feet): 22,362
Elevation (meters): 6,816
Continent: Asia
Country: India/China
Range/Region: Punjab Himalaya
Latitude: 31.901935
Longitude: 78.74249
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul
Year first climbed: 1933
First successful climber(s): Marco Pallis
Nearest major airport: Buntur Manali
Convenient Center: Manali

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Leo Pargial in Hangrang (North Kinnaur) was first climbed on August 10, 1933 by a British team led by Marco Pallis via the west ridge. The first Indian Ascent, Led by D.K Khulla , was also made via the west ridge on June 19, 1967. In June 26 1998, it was climbed for the eighth time by a ten-member team from Calcutta led by Milang Nag (leader) and Shyamal Sarkar (climbing leader).

Thanks to vikram balhara for this description.