Spantik Peak

Elevation (feet): 23,054
Elevation (meters): 7,027
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: May, Sep
Year first climbed: Spantik was climbed in 1978
First successful climber(s): Hashi to Harashi (Japan)
Nearest major airport: Skardu
Convenient Center: Arandu, Skardu,Baltistan

Thanks to Karrar Haidri for adding this peak.

Spantik was climbed in 1978 by Japan expedition Hashi to Harashi (Storm & Star) which was led by Nakamura. The Royal Alpine Club expedition of Japan, but other information is that this peak was first climbed in 1955 via the SE crest by a German expedition led by Karl Kramer. Spantik is a superb climbing opportunity for those wanting to further their mountaineering skills and altitude experience To join the expedition and to have a good chance of success, it is preferable that you have both technical mountaineering experience to 4000m in the Alps and trekking peak experience to 6000m in the Greater Ranges.

Its base camp is within easy reach. Spantik lies in the Karakorum Range and you can can be reached in four days including one day for the jeep drive from Skardu. For about three days we will trek on and beside Chogolungma glacier.The height of base camp is 4100 meters. Spantik lies in between Nagar Valley (also known as Golden Peak) near Hunza and Arandu Valley in Baltistan. The normal South East route to Spantik 7027 meters is from Chogolungma Glacier in Arandu Valley of Baltistan. Among 7000's meters high peaks Spantik is the most beautiful and fascinating peak. Every year it's attract dozens of adventure lovers from all over the World, from which 80% of them successfully climb this beautiful mountain. As with many high mountains, weather and snow conditions, and climbers personal fitness and acclimatization will determine weather the summit is reached. Although not technically difficult. Spantik peak is a serious undertaking and requires extensive previous alpine or expedition experience.

Thanks to Karrar Haidri for this description.