Khuiten Uul

Elevation (feet): 14,350
Elevation (meters): 4,374
Continent: Asia
Country: Mongolia/China
Range/Region: Altai
Latitude: 49.149167
Longitude: 87.825
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Aug
Nearest major airport: Olgii
Convenient Center: Olgii

Thanks to Martin Lutterjohann for adding this peak.

Khuiten Uul is the highest peak of Mongolia, situated on the border with China, the name means cold peak in Mongolian. It is usually climbed from Potanin Glacier keeping to the right of the NE ridge after a night on the upper glacier plateau. Depending on conditions the climb can be fairly easy with no section steeper than 50 degrees. If the conditions are right it can be climbed on skis.

Thanks to Martin Lutterjohann for this description.