Elevation (feet): 9,196
Elevation (meters): 2,803
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 35.391429
Longitude: 138.15239
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Narita, Kansai
Convenient Center: Shizuoka City

Thanks to Peter Skov for adding this peak.

A beautiful mountain in its own right, Kamikouchidake is often visited by those who are crossing from Hijiridake (3,013m) to the lodge at Chausu, or by those who are heading between Hijiridake and Tekaridake (2,591m), both Hyakumeizan (100 Famous Mountains of Japan). Kamikouchidake is on the list of 200 Famous Mountains and nearby Chausudake (2,604m) is on the 300 Famous Mountains list.

Other than coming from Tekari or Hijiri, one can visit just Kamikouchi (and Chausu) by coming up via the suspension bridge north of Hatanagi First Dam below. Parking is at the dam, and it is about an hourís hike along the flat road beside Hatanagi Lake to the suspension bridge. Across the bridge the route climbs up a steep switchback until it reaches a high point and then it moves along rather gently through the forest and eventually dropping down into a creek valley. Next, the route follows the creek by climbing up and down the bank and there are some suspension bridges to cross, some of which is in a rather dubious state of repair. After two hours you reach the first shelter. From here there are a couple more suspension bridges, one of them spanning a narrow gorge with a chute of water roaring down a natural slide. Step carefully on this bridge! Following leaving the creek, the path soon begins an interminably long switchback route up a steep slope. At last you reach a small pass with a view through the trees of Kamikouchidake still far above. From here itís also about 10 minutes to the next lodge, a fine place to rest after 2 hours of steady climbing. The last stretch is three hours to Chausu Lodge. There is a lot more steep climbing but it gets less grueling on the way up and there are frequently posted signs letting you know how far you have to go. Chausu Lodge has a tent site and one room on the second floor is open during the off season. From the lodge it takes about 2 hours more to reach Kamikouchi and its summit. Altogether, you are looking at about 8 hours to the lodge and another 2 to 2 and a half hours to the summit.

From Kamikouchidake you have a splendid view over the three large mountains of the southern region of the South Alps: Hijiridake, Akaishidake, and Arakawadake. There is a nice view back over the tail end of the South Alps and across to the Central Alps on one side and Fujisan on the other. Itís a long hard hike to reach the spine of the ridge but the views are fantastic.

Thanks to Peter Skov for this description.