Elevation (feet): 10,433
Elevation (meters): 3,180
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 36.3428
Longitude: 137.648
Difficulty: Scramble
Nearest major airport: Matsumoto
Convenient Center: Kami

Thanks to Roy W. Goudy for adding this peak.

Yarigadake is a steep rock spire that reaches 120 meters above the surrounding ridges. Hence the name Yari which means "spear" in Japanese. The mountain's distinctive profile makes it the most recognizable non-volcanic peak in all Japan. There are five main approaches; two from the west, one from the south and two from the east-southeast. The approach from the south plus the east-southeast approach up the Yarisawa valley appear to be the most traveled routes. The route up the Yarisawa valley is an impressive rock and boulder field. There are a series of ladders and chains that have been placed along the final 100 meters to the summit so no gear is required.

Thanks to Roy W. Goudy for this description.