Sicaba Diotay Peak

Elevation (feet): 5,039
Elevation (meters): 1,536
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Latitude: 10.770094
Longitude: 123.233243
Difficulty: Scramble
Year first climbed: 2000
First successful climber(s): Dennis S. Ella and Pedro F. Palabrica
Nearest major airport: New Bacolod-Silay Airport
Convenient Center: Victorias City, Negros Occidental

Thanks to Dennis S. Ella for adding this peak.

Situated close to the Central-East side of Mount Silay, Sicaba Diotay Peak is the highest point of the mountain, a little bit higher than the 1533-meter Silay summit. The Sicaba Diotay summit tops the South-East end of the semi-circular high-ridge forming the Silay half-crater with a wide breach facing South.

Sicaba Diotay is covered by a vibrant forest although much of it, especially on the slopes below 400 meters from the summit are the remains of selective logging that ended in the 1980s. The vegetation on slopes above 1100 meters is scrub with widely scattered "agojo" pines.

There are no evidence of prior passage in the high slopes when Dennis Ella and Pedro Palabrica scaled the summit on September 15, 2000.

Thanks to Dennis S. Ella for this description.