Elevation (feet): 13,507
Elevation (meters): 4,117
Continent: Asia
Country: Mongolia/Philippines
Range/Region: Altai
Latitude: 49.178
Longitude: 87.8235
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Olgii
Convenient Center: Olgii

Thanks to Alberto Pedrotti and KMC for contributing to these details. (View history)

This summit is one of the five of the Tavan Bogd, which means right «five saints».

Its position marks the extreme NW corner of Mongolia, on the border with Russia: the minor 4082 m summit, lying less than 1 km SSW in direction Huithen, is the «triple point» where Mongolia, Russia and China meet, whence the name Nairamdal, meaning «friendship». Moreover, the territory of Kazakhstan reaches until only 40 km west from here.

The summit is not difficult to reach from the 4028 m Malchin, which is a popular trekking peak, namely, the peak commonly climbed from the Tavan Bogd base camp. From the Malchin summit, it is sufficient to follow the border ridge, which at the end of the season consists mostly of scree, although in the last section one meets some moderately steep snowfield. There is no objective danger on this route, however is is wise be aware of the extreme isolation of the place: this is not the right place to have even a little accident!

The summit view is astonishing. I have published a labeled panorama, with a very long and detailed geographical description, on

The climb itself can be evaluated looking at the many pictures that I loaded on the Picasa album

Thanks to Alberto Pedrotti for this description.