Pik Petrovski

Elevation (feet): 4,910
Elevation (meters): 1,497
Continent: Asia
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Latitude: 39.458349
Longitude: 72.884038
Convenient Center: Osh

Thanks to awwekker for adding this peak.

Pik Petrovski is a small and easy peak located very close to Pik Lenin's BC at Achi-Tash. When decently acclimatized it can be climbed in a long day from BC. The first part of the climb is on loose gravel, alternatively a long walk on a ridge. When on the ridge, it's quite pleasent walking. The crux of the peak is where the ridge becomes a bit wider, but also rockier. There are some parts with easy scrambling. Most of the time the final part of the climb is a walk on snow.

The lower parts of the peak is in typically strong Pamiri colors. In this case the sand of red color is dominating and even though the peak's structure isn't dramatic, it's a nice mountain to look at.

The views from its summit is rewarding as you have a very good look at Pik Lenin close by and many other Pamir peaks at a distance. Petrovski is located on the northern side of the central Pamir range.

You may hear the locals refer to the peak as Petrovskogo.

Thanks to awwekker for this description.