Gangaa Peak

Elevation (feet): 12,927
Elevation (meters): 3,940
Continent: Asia
Country: Mongolia/Mongolia
Latitude: 49.6919
Longitude: 91.3989
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul
Year first climbed: 2015
First successful climber(s): Gangaamaa Badamgarav, Alain Chu, Cheung Yiu Hung, Chan Kwok Hung, Wyan Chow
Nearest major airport: Olgii
Convenient Center: Olgii

Thanks to Alain Chu for adding this peak.

Gangaa Peak is an unclimbed peak in the Turgen Massive in Uvs Aimag western Mongolia, It is a classic glacial peak with a steep slope of about 55 degree below summit. It is named Gangaa peak to praise our guide Gangaamaa and her achievement in mountaineering.

Thanks to Alain Chu for this description.