Gasherbrum III

Elevation (feet): 26,089
Elevation (meters): 7,952
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan/China
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 35.759317
Longitude: 76.64161
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1975
Nearest major airport: Islamabad

Thanks to Frank Verwijs and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Probably the highest 7000er (so the 15th highest mountain in the world), but certainly not the most popular. The slightly higher Gasherbrums 1 and -2 are 8000ers, and Gasherbrum 4 is much more impressive than its closest neighbor.

Thanks to Frank Verwijs for this description.