Pisang Peak

Elevation (feet): 19,983
Elevation (meters): 6,091
Continent: Asia
Country: Nepal
Range/Region: Central Nepal Himalaya
Latitude: 28.646667
Longitude: 84.185833
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Sep, Oct, Nov
Nearest major airport: Kathmandu (minor: Pokhara, Hongde)
Convenient Center: Hongde, Pisang (Manang valley)

Thanks to Frank Verwijs and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Pisang Peak is one of the non-expedition peaks in Nepal;( permit 1998: 300$). Pisang Peak has less precipitation than the mountains south of the peak; in fact: the valleys to the north of the peak look very similar to those in Tibet. The mountain rises oposite of Annapurna 2 (7937), which rises 5000 meters of the Langtang valley floor. Pisang Peak lies roughly in between the giants Annapurna 1 and Manaslu; both eight-thousanders.

In November 1994 have eleven members of a german expedition been killed, by an avalanche of snow and ice.

Thanks to Frank Verwijs for this description.