Emei Shan

Elevation (feet): 10,167
Elevation (meters): 3,099
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Range/Region: West Sichuan Ranges
Latitude: 29.5333
Longitude: 103.35
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Chengdu, China
Convenient Center: Emei, China

Emei Shan is a sacred mountain to Buddhists. A steep flat-topped mountain, it is perhaps the most impressive of the sacred Chinese mountains, particularly when viewed from the east, where it rises suddenly from the plains. The mountain is often enshrouded by mist, which serves to heighten its spiritual presence. Though religious traditions have been severely curtailed throughout China, Emei Shan remains an important shrine for thousands of religious pilgrims. Its slopes once supported over 150 pagodas and temples, many built precariously above steep precipices before or during the sixth century. Some of the temples are still active today, and shelters are set up along the trail for pilgrims and tourists. A prominent feature of the summit panorama is Minya Konka (24,790 ft.), whose massive form is visible in the west on clear days.