Singhi Kangri

Elevation (feet): 23,645
Elevation (meters): 7,207
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan/India
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 35.599846
Longitude: 76.983647
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Year first climbed: 1976
First successful climber(s): Japanese Expedition via North face/ North ridge (Staghar Glacier)

Thanks to Frank Verwys for adding this peak.

Singhi Kangri means "difficult peak". It is the highest peak of the Siachen glacier area, the largest glacier outside (sub)polar areas. In this area the government of India permits only one expedition per year. Only joint Indian expeditions are allowed. This combined with the fact that this is one of the most difficult high peaks can explain why it has not been climbed since the first ascent by Japan. The altitude is generally recognized as 7207 metres, or 23,645 feet, but also has been quoted at 7202m or 23,629ft. (Some quotes give the altitude as substantially different, i.e., as 7751m or 25,430ft.) The Siachen Glacier area is vigorously disputed by India and Pakistan. China apparently claims Singhi Kangri is a border peak between China and the disputed area. Note: The precise latitude and longitude of Singhi Kangri is also quoted differently by different sources.

Thanks to Frank Verwys for this description.