Gunung Tahan

Elevation (feet): 7,175
Elevation (meters): 2,187
Continent: Asia
Country: Malaysia
Latitude: 4.6325
Longitude: 102.234167
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Feb, Apr, May, Jun
Nearest major airport: Kuala Lumpur
Convenient Center: Kuala Tahan

Thanks to Jonas Lindvall and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

The climb up to Gunung Tahan can be an exciting and challenging feat, not a picknick. Recommended time for the climb and return trip is around nine days. Requires considerable preparations and a jungle guide must be taken on the climb.

Additional text submitted by Tom van der Wijngaart

This is no large expedition, but the trip does involve a minimum of 60km Jungle treking. There are two roots to the top, one 3 day one starting from merapoh covering aprox 60km for the return trip, and a seven day trip from the other side of the mountain. The mountain is situated in the middle of Taman Negara, Malaysia's enormous rainforest national poark, and the view from the top os extremely good.

Thanks to Jonas Lindvall for this description.