Elevation (feet): 23,641
Elevation (meters): 7,206
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Latitude: 28.9333
Longitude: 90.1667
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1986
First successful climber(s): Sangzu, Gabu and 10 other climbers from the CTMA-team
Nearest major airport: Lhasa - Gonggar (3540m)
Convenient Center: Nagarze (4500m), Gyangze (4045m)

Thanks to Andreas Fink for adding this peak.

The tibetan name Nojinkangsang stands for "Yaksha (a malevolent spirit) living on the noble snowy mountain". Known also as Nozin Khangsa, this is the main peak of the Lhagoi Kangri Shan - range, which rises between the town Gyangze (4045m) and the holy lake Yamdrog Tso or Yamzho Yumco (4482m), southwest of the tibetan capital Lhasa (3658m). The south slope of Nojinkangsang rises directly north of the Karo La-pass (5010m) on the Sino-Nepal-Highway from Lhasa to Gyangze. The distance on the road from Lhasa to Karo La is 187 km, the last town is Nagarze (4500m), 24 km east of Karo La.

The easiest climbing route starts at Karo La and climbs up west of the Karo-glacier to the south-western pre-summit of about 6650m. Then it goes up to the summit on the southwest-ridge. From this side Nojinkangsang was first climbed on April 28th 1986 by a chinese-tibetan mountaineering team of 12 persons.

Thanks to Andreas Fink for this description.