Elevation (feet): 8,356
Elevation (meters): 2,547
Continent: Asia
Country: Turkey
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Nearest major airport: Antalya
Convenient Center: Antalya

Thanks to Pasi Mäkelä for adding this peak.

It is the second largest member of Bakirdaglari. It stands vertically to the south of Saklikent. Of the Bakirdaglari it can be said to be the easiest to climb. Its northern part which overlooks Saklikent is very steep and rocky. The peak seen from here is called "Manzara Zirvesi" (scenery peak) (2480). On the eastern part of Manzara Zirvesi, there is a second peak called "Manzara Kayaliklari" (Scenery Rocks). The eastern part of Bakirtepe is slightly, and the western side is partly sloping, and the other parts are rocky. If one goes towards south from Manzara Zirvesi and after passing 3 rocky areas the main peak of 2547 meters can be reached.

The first place to get to Manzara Peak is Saklikent. After leaving Saklikent, one has to turn west and then continue up and shortly afterwards a height of 2480 meter is reached. Here, there is an observatory of TUBITAK. Though it might be a bit tiring after Saklikent, and also requires technical equipment for climbing in the winter, the Neslihan Bogazi route in the north may be preferred. After leaving Neslihan Bogazi one can get to Manzara Zirvesi and then go south and reach the main peak. A diary is provided there. Bakirtepe

Thanks to Pasi Mäkelä for this description.